Dufault resolution posthumously honors Yakima Valley baseball legend

The House of Representatives recently adopted a resolution by 15th District State Rep. Jeremie Dufault honoring the late Melvin Stottlemyre Sr. “for his outstanding achievements and contributions to the world of baseball.”

Stottlemyre grew up in Mabton, the son of a construction worker, and attended Yakima Valley Community College before being signed as a pitcher for the New York Yankees in 1961. He later became a pitching coach, serving with the Yankees, the New York Mets, the Houston Astros, and finally, the Seattle Mariners. He held several World Series rings.

“I'm proud to be raised just up the road from a place where a giant baseball pitching star and coach emerged,” said Dufault, R-Selah. “Mel not only played with the best teams, he coached some of the best pitchers in the league. Two of his sons became major league pitchers. He was even honored with his own statue and plaque at Yankee Stadium.”

Before Stottlemyre retired, he came back to Washington state and served as pitching coach in 2008 for the Seattle Mariners, eventually retiring with his wife at a home near Seattle.

“Although he left the Yakima Valley for the big time, Mel never forgot his roots, ” Dufault said.

Stottlemyre had been diagnosed with a type of blood cancer in 1999, but continued to coach, while under treatment for many years. He died Jan. 13 of complications related to the cancer. He was 77.

“Mel's record as a pitcher and later as a longtime pitching coach for World Series winning teams is truly remarkable,” said Dufault. “It is certainly worthy of recognition by the House of Representatives as one of our best from Washington state.”

House Resolution 4603, honoring Mel Stottlemyre Sr., was adopted by the House Jan. 30.


Washington State House Republican Communications