Selah siblings page for Dufault in state House of Representatives

Forrest Packard and Ruth Packard, a 16-year-old brother and 15-year-old sister from Selah, paged in the state House of Representatives during the week of Jan. 27 – 31. They were sponsored by Rep. Jeremie Dufault, R-Selah.

During their week at the Legislature, Forrest and Ruth helped to deliver documents and messages to lawmakers in their offices and on the House floor. They also attended page school, learning about how a bill becomes a law and other legislative actions.

Both siblings are home-schooled. Forrest enjoys football, rugby, snowboarding, wake boarding, water skiing, hunting and fishing. Ruth enjoys piano, music, art, reading and cooking. Their parents are Bennett and Jenna Packard of Selah.

Each week during the legislative session, students between 14- and 16-years old from across the state serve in the legislative page program. They must have a legislative member as a sponsor, as well as permission from their school and parents. They are paid $35 per day. To learn more about the page program, visit:


Washington State House Republican Communications