House committee unanimously approves Rep. Dufault’s utility delinquency bill

A bill that would prevent cities from charging a property owner or tenant for utility services provided to a former resident unanimously passed the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee today.

Rep. Jeremie Dufault introduced House Bill 2069 after learning that constituents were being charged for utility bills they didn't incur.

“Government should not have the power to make someone pay somebody else's bills,” said Dufault, R-Selah. “This is about fairness.”

One affected constituent was a soldier at the Yakima Training Center. Before he could activate his rental home's water and sewer service, he had to pay the city where he lived $250 in bills owed by the previous tenant.

Under the bill, cities could still hold delinquent payers accountable, but not property owners and new tenants.

The vote was 15-0.


Washington State House Republican Communications