Dufault co-sponsors billion-dollar tax relief for working families after surge in revenue forecast

Washington State will have a $2.4 billion budget surplus due to our strong economy, according to updated revenue forecasts released on Wednesday. Rep. Jeremie Dufault, R-Selah, wants to give a big chunk of the money back to Washington taxpayers who first earned it.

Dufault, along with every other House Republican, has co-sponsored House Bill 2946, which would provide $1 billion in tax relief for Washington's working families by lowering car tab fees to $30.

“Our top priority,” said Dufault, “should be $30 car tabs. When the people speak, the Legislature should listen. We should immediately use the extra money coming into state coffers to reduce tabs to $30 a year and to refund all of the car tab overpayments that have been made this year.”

The measure would also eliminate the sales tax on prepared food items sold at grocery stores, feminine hygiene products, breast pumps, and diapers.

Additionally, Dufault said other legislation is being drafted that would provide significant property tax relief.

“Our next obligation is to offset the property tax increases most of us are facing because of the Legislature's failure to properly fund education,” he added. “No long-winded explanation can offset the fact that property owners will have to spend hundreds of dollars more in taxes this year because the plan to pay for schools didn't work.”

House Bill 2946 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee. The legislative session is scheduled to continue until March 12.


Washington State House Republican Communications